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MATURITY - We want to obtain and keep a mature community. Please help us to achieve this goal.

RESPECT -You have to give respect in order to get respect, this goes for kinship and every encounter in game.

ATTACKS - Consult with an Officer don't take matters into your own hands. If you can't reach out to an officer please feel free to message me or send me a /tell.

BEGGING - We love to help each other so don't be taking from anyone and using for yourself to get ahead, absolutely no BEGGING.

EXPLOITING - Don't take advantage of others or the kinship. If you expect help them offer it back or pay it forward.

PROFANITY - Were all adults respect everyone and if it offends someone stop using the language.

ROLEPLAY - Not required in kin but will respect others involved in it.

KINSHIP CHAT - Reserved for group chat amongst the kin and if it is a private matter between one person send them a /tell.

VIOLATIONS - 3 violations and will result in expulsion from kin. NO EXCEPTIONS!!
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